Independent Resolution…

We have chosen to travel a “new” workflow path, based on projects sharing both from a technical/operational and creative/business point of view.
Thus, not only a single operator attending a client, and its creativity, but a whole postproduction.

In order to achieve that, Anteprima has conceived a workplace with a SAN sharing, with all the production areas available, from editing to business management, from IT to computer graphic and grading.
Interchangeable areas and different software make possible for Anteprima staff to work on projects simultaneously and yet with more flexibility and creativity, increasing the execution pace.
Thanks to the most advanced technologies available on the market (included an extremely powerful optical fiber network), our company is able to dynamically manage its resources, both human and technological.

Projects are always shared, and so are the files and the archives… a library.

Tapeless use allows us to manage any file and any kind of shot material with no problem and as independent resolution.
For storing masters and playouts, we use MAM.

Both software and workflow are chosen by those who work, for excellent relsults.

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